Yellow Corn for Human consumption and for animal food


GMO -2 :    4 million tons per year 

NON GMO :   2 million tons per year


Contracts available, special conditions

our products - eXPORT

Soybenn for Human consumption


GMO :  10 million tons per year

NON GMO : 2.4 million tons per year


Contracts of 12 - 36 months

Farmlands for animal growth or soybeen/yellow corn harvests


From 1,200 hectars to 300,000 hectars


Special prices and payment conditions

  • Joint ventures to produce Soybeen and Yellow corn available
  • Joint ventures to raise caws for meat cuts available with export contracts 

Titanium ore


1,200,000 metric tons available extracted

From 40% - 65% of concentration

From 30,000 tO 100,000mt per shipment


Need investor to complete plant. 

Possible to have 300% of return in 5 years.  


Joint venture or any kind of safe business


After long years of experience on import and export business, our company is offering a long term partnership on business.

Our experience goes to cost reduction on all importations from Brazil, where we consolidate cargos and orders from many customers to export. 

Importations to Brazil on DRAWBACK SYSTEM, where projects are made to make sustainable business and industries in Brazil. 

Customers who want to make your own brand in Brazil, we can manage the contracts and export goods with financial controls.

So many experiences that surely one can fit in your company to reduce costs and make stable business.


Other business

Used machineries for industries.

Daily companies are closed due lack of administration and machineries goes to auctions.  

We have a worldnet system to purchase used machineries to fit in your industry.


Areas of experince:

Paper manufacturing

Print industries

Packaging industries

Farming machineries and technology

Food manufacturing


Construction and Engineering business


We have a group of cooperationg companies that fit to any construction business.

From roads construction to buildings, warehouses, villas of apartments and houses, cities structuring engineering and all related works with civil construction.


Built to suit business, repurchasing and renting buildings and all related activities.


Farm land to cities transforming business is one fine and profitable business at moment. There are hundreds of cities that can move to organized and structured areas, it is simple when there is a land owner who accepts to enter in the business with land and participate on project.